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What is Learning ?

Learning as Richard Gross mentioned in his book "Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour" is the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, or preferences.

Believe it or not, every creative brain is wired differently and there is a purpose behind it. Every kid looks at this world with a bit of different view or I should put it every kid sees this world differently and approaches differently and mind you none of this approach is wrong, they are just different like different colours in this world.

It's us who created an education system that defines things as right or wrong and not as a word "different". What's wrong in being different? We are restricting creativity by being specific about education systems and a lot of other things in this world.

Is our Education system killing creativity? To some extent yes, it teaches us to be persistent but it doesn't teach us to be creative so we are only looking at one aspect of life. It does support creativity to a extend but then creativity gets lost in stereotype society who expect everyone to be the same.

Let's create a society where we encourage being different is good and first steps towards this is appreciating your kid's creativity and encouraging different ways of learning. Let's break the stereotype and start a society where happiness, creativity and encouragement starts at home, let's appreciate our kid's different view towards this world -- to us to a happy society :)

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